May 24, 2022 10:10 am

Techniques and methods of playing baccarat Beginners for beginners PART 2

5.Player Pair

is similar to Banker Pair, but bets on Player side instead and gives a return ratio of 1:11 as well

6.Dragon Bonus

Special betting options, also known as side bets, are offered by some casinos. You can choose both Player and Banker, if you choose this option. Will win by choosing the side with at least 4 points higher than the opposite, which bets like this have very high returns according to each provider. It seems to be a lot and worth it. But it is not advisable as the chances of winning are very small. But this is up to personal discretion.

7.Ping Pong

is a term used to refer to having a winner between Banker and Player alternating. It is similar to bouncing back and forth of ping-pong balls, sure enough.

Rules for playing baccarat

Now that we have known the different terms, it’s time for us to know how Baccarat counts the points.

Ace (A) has points = 1

, numbered cards (2-10) are points accordingly. Numbers on cards, for example, 4 equals 4 points.

Royal cards (J, K, Q) are points = 0.

Baccarat is like bouncing that Thai people are well known for. That is, when there are points in the hand that combine and get the highest value, there will be only 9 and if Beyond that, it will start counting a new 0, for example, a hand of 16 cards will count only 6 points, while drawing cards in Baccarat will only draw 2-3 cards,

and as we said, this is the first step. We need to understand how to play baccarat. so that we can win from the game But in the end no matter what technique it is We must control our minds to know enough. Know how to control profit/loss. Not so greedy