Sex toys buyer’s guide – Strap ons you should check out

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If you somehow missed all the fuss, strap on is a classic dildo, or a vibrator in the form of adjustable waist belt which allows you to position the artificial penis any way you like. While many people are already enjoying the benefits of this great sex toy, it’s perfectly reasonable if you haven’t tried it yet, especially if you’re a man. If you’re a lesbian looking for a new toy, or a dude who’s about to try “pegging” for the first time, we recommend some of these products, just don’t forget to use lubricant for maximum pleasure, preferably water-based. Have fun!

Fetish Fantasy First Timers Strap On

From Fetish Fantasy Series comes a simple, yet very effective strap on with appropriate name. It’s ideal for beginners, as there’s absolutely nothing complicated and confusing about it – it’s a basic 12cm long strap on available in electric blue, purple and …

How women choose their partners?

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In this article we’ll talk about what women are most attracted to and why many of them often don’t get what they want. Women may find it useful to reconsider what attracts them the most and to think about their priorities. Men can use it as a checklist to examine what they’re missing, and what can they do to be more attractive to women.

What are they looking for?

It basically depends on whether a woman is looking for a relationship, sex partner or marital partner. Some of the required features of a future husband are: security, loyalty and social status, while the features for just an adventure usually are: humor, optimism, good sex skills and appealing physical appearance. The men who are confident, funny, adventurous, inaccessible and passionate are the real charmers and most woman fall for them. They can easily seduce any woman, even those who are married …

What does it mean when a man’s sexual desire is lower than usual?

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This has to be one of the most frequent questions asked by so many women around the world. Although it might be due to some relationship problems, stress, anxiety and other factors, low sexual desire can also indicate that something else is wrong with your body.

When a man falls asleep after sex

Hormones can be the main reason why men rush into the arms of sleep after intercourse, says Dr. Billy Goldberg, a urologist and sexologist, co-author of bestseller “Why do men fall asleep after sex.” Substances such as oxytocin, prolactin, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and other hormones all contribute to that feeling of being barely awake after sex, because they directly affect the process of sleep. Chemicals in a man’s body dramatically change after the orgasm as prolactin is released, which affects his physical constitution and creates a sense of fatigue and exhaustion, according to research by Dr. David …